Top Brands

Top Brands

Top Brands

The world's most valuable brands.

Fast Food
Soft Drinks
Global Banks
Oil and Gas

“Top 100 Brands” is a private project by Alexander Johmann, co-founder of the Vienna-based digital communications agency whateverworks. The aim of this project was to show the results of the ”BrandZ” study in a geographical context.

BrandZ is a study by market research company MillwardBrown that determine the most valuable brands in the world each year. You can learn more on their website about the study and download a chart and the report. This project is not associated with MillwardBrown.

On the map you can see where the most valuable brands have their headquarters. You can also see the clusters in North America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia. For some categories you can see which country or part of it is strong in various industries. The most valuable technology companies are located on the West and East Cost of the USA, all big fast food companies are from the USA, Germany and Japan have the most valuable brands in the car industry, Western Europe has the most valuable global banks and France and Italy are leading the luxury sector. There are no brands under the top 100 from South America, Africa or Russia.

See details for sources of the shown data and graphics.

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